Solving the Personal Branding Mystery

© 2015 Lisa Greer

When I think of this, I think of you. That concept is the essence of personal branding. This current catch phrase in the business world leaves many wondering what is involved in this new way of d6d2629b-09af-4da9-8f29-52525d2ad018marketing oneself. The good news is that it is a repackaging of the word expertise, with a little bit different way to present that to the world.

Do I need a symbol? Do I need to hire a marketing firm or logo designer? These are questions I am frequently asked about branding. The answer is yes and no. It depends on what tools you are seeking to market your business. It can be as simple as a name or as dramatic as a carefully crafted symbol unique to you. The most important aspect is that it makes sense and showcases who you are. Simply put, if you are noted for writing Christmas stories, you wouldn’t choose a pumpkin for your logo. Think about Apple’s symbol for a moment. When you see an apple, you don’t necessarily think of a particular company, but when you see the apple with a bite out of it, you think Apple, Inc., iPhones, and iPads.

Thinking about your personal brand, what is it that you feel you are best at doing? What are you most recognized for by others as your area of expertise? For example, mine is collaboration and building relationships. I’m often in situations where I have to gather ideas from many sources and put them together, then convince all involved of the best case scenario. This is a collaborative effort that is successful only when I have built good, solid relationships with those involved.

As a writer, consider what you would like to be noted for in bookstores or with agents & publishers. Is there a topic, an era, or a geographical area that you focus on in your writing? Is your strength fiction or non-fiction? Are you into ghostwriting, mystery, romance, or self-help? Whatever your genre, when people think of this, you want them to think of you. If you can put a symbol with that or a catch phrase that attaches to you, even better. People are visual by nature, and adding that will be a tool to ensure you are remembered for your brand.

To get started, try an online search using the key words “brand images” and get those creative juices flowing.
Lisa Greer is a contract analyst, writing contract language and handling negotiations for a Fortune 250 company. She also does freelance writing and has over 200 published articles. Lisa has been a regular contributor for local publications such as Southern Indiana Living andThe Capitol New. She and her husband own a freelance writing and photography business, Olive Tree Enterprises, LLC.


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