We enjoy conducting workshops and interacting with other writers through our Write Life Workshops. Below are comments we have received from attendees:

You should charge more. This was the best $$ I ever spent. Anonymous, Workshop attendee

I so enjoyed the workshop. The fellowship, level of professionalism, and experience were refreshing. Ali T., Workshop attendee

I am not a writer, but I have always enjoyed trying. This is so helpful because you have to know what to do-how to write-in order to get published. Anonymous, Workshop attendee

It was wonderful! I’m a sponge. Bless you for sharing your time, talent, and experience! Sharman G., Workshop attendee

Everything was wonderful, very friendly! Thanks, I can’t wait for the next one. Anonymous, Workshop attendee

Marylane responds to questions from workshop attendees.

Both presenters were helpful and professional. I appreciate that both expressed faith and “yes, we can, too.” Anonymous, workshop attendee



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