Writing to Raise Awareness: Is the Pen Really Mightier than the Sword?

© 2014 Kimberly Rae

“Your book changed my life.”Kimberly_Rae

Have you ever been able to say that about a book? I remember years ago, when I lived in Bangladesh, a friend
handed me a copy of Francine Rivers’ Redeeming Love and said, “This book changed the way I see God.” That moment was definitive for me. I decided that I wanted to write more than just to entertain. I wanted to write to make a difference.

For me, that means writing about human trafficking. Articles, blog posts, and now three Amazon bestselling novels all help people see not only the problem of human trafficking, but how they can be part of the solution. People care about trafficking, but most feel overwhelmed about the statistics or decide that because they do not know what to do or are not near the problem, they can’t do anything.

Awareness changes that. Through a well-crafted, exciting story or meaningful article, I can inform them:

  1. The problem is nearer and more extensive than they might think.
  2. There is still hope; things are changing for good.
  3. They can make a difference, and how to do that.

The quote, “Your book changed my life,” was sent to me by a teen girl who had read my book Stolen Woman and was now doing a school project about trafficking to raise awareness. Another couple read the same book and are now planning to go to Nepal to work directly rescuing trafficked victims. Readers in my local area got involved in an outreach fighting trafficking at a large city event. Many readers have hosted or attended special events selling jewelry made by rescued women, providing funds for more rescues.

Awareness makes a difference, and we can be the catalyst of such change through our writing. Through good research and compelling content, we can open readers’ eyes and motivate change.

All through words on paper.

What is your passion? What do you wish more people knew about so they could make a difference? Can you put that passion into words—an article for a magazine, a blog post, a book, a handout?

By writing, you can make a difference by helping other people make a difference. Your writing can change the world.

What are you waiting for?
Kimberly Rae has lived in Bangladesh, Uganda, Kosovo and Indonesia. Her Christian suspense/romance novels on international human trafficking (Stolen Woman, Stolen Child, and Stolen Future) are all Amazon bestsellers. Rae is currently writing a series for teens on trafficking, based in Kolkata, India. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and two young children. Find out more atwww.kimberlyrae.com.




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