Promo Kits That Sell!

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You’re a writer and you need to get word out about your projects. You’ve heard of one-pager promotional materials, but how do you use them to your best advantage? It’s vital to consider whom you are trying to reach, and what information they need to make their decisions. Let’s take a look at some of the promo kits you might need as a writer.

Pitch Sheet
Reaching: Acquisitions Editors

Elements Needed:

  • Summary of writing project.  This might look like back cover copy, a synopsis, or a hook, depending on your content.
  • Bio.  Who are you and why are you the one to write this?
  • Need.  Why will readers want to read this article or book?
  • Unique selling points.  If you have an extensive platform, influential endorsers, cross-promotion opportunities, or a high-profile writer for your foreword, mention these.

Media Kit
Reaching: Media Reps

Elements Needed:

  • Hook.  What is a relevant reason for media to grant you exposure? Have a specific angle—not merely announcing a book release. Connect it to a breaking news story, a water-cooler topic, an evergreen subject, a holiday, or other talking point.
  • Bio.  This includes significant high-points of your life, especially if they tie-in to the interview angle—worded so the hosts can introduce you to their audiences.
  • Endorsements.  Include one quote from an endorser if it’s a short media release or a page of endorsements if it’s a full media kit.
  • Interview Sheet.  Give the host a list of suggested interview questions. Even if they don’t read your book they will appear to have researched your topic. This also allows you to be prepared for the interview. They might ask questions not on the sheet, so be ready for that possibility.

Other Promo Kits:

  • Sell Sheet—reaching retailers. Detail information they need to consider carrying your book, catalog style.
  • Influencer Sheet—recruiting others to help promote your book. Give them tips to spread the word.
  • Small Group Kit—providing book information and additional resources to be used in group discussion.
  • Speaker Promo Kit—answering all the questions an event planner might need to consider booking you for a speaking event.

By using the appropriate promotional materials aimed at the contacts you need to reach, you can shine the light on your work for greater exposure.
Kathy Carlton Willis serves as publicist, author and coach at KCW Communications. She shines the light on God’s writers and speakers to give them greater exposure. As a pastor’s wife, she reflects God’s light through local church ministry as well as national speaking engagements. See:

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